P4U2.5 Rise Guide

P4U2.5 Rise Doc

Last updated 8/7/2022 @ 3:56PM CST // Written by Jolteo_
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This guide will contain language that newcomers to the FGC may find confusing. Most references to FGC specific terms will have a link to their definitions from the fighting game glossary to help newcomers along in understanding the language.
Moves and combos will follow the standard numpad notation, which you can find more info on here
This guide is made assuming that the reader understands the basic system mechanics of P4AU, those who are unfamiliar can view these mechanics on the Dustloop wiki here


Most information in this guide was written prior to the release of 2.5 with data from version 2.0.
This guide is not at all final. The information gathered here is a combination of my efforts in the lab, my experiences with Rise in 1.1, and from looking at 2.0 footage. Any information that is deemed pertinent to this guide will be added as soon as possible. Suggestions are appreciated and corrections will be made as errors are found.
This guide is not final, as the game is still fairly unexplored in 2.5. Information will be added as needed, and changes will be recorded in the changelogs
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